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Lia Boothman is a photographer and creative director who grew up in South London and has been known for the her creativity which she expresses through her imagery. Lia begun her photography business from the young age of 16. With her self determination this had enabled her progression to having her work published internationally by numerous magazines.

Her love for set design and art has always been a huge influence on her photographs, creating images that are extremely eye capturing, yet still simple and beautiful.


Lia has always expressed her love for working with models of all races, shapes and sizes.This validates the important message to people of all ages that beauty is diverse.

Her passion for spreading this message has meant that she has been well recognized for her work within both the plus size and non plus size community. Lia has continued to use her art as a platform to spread positivity and encouragement to others. With over 9 years experience in photography we look forward to seeing what creation she comes up with next.

"Don't ever compare yourself to anyone else. We were all created for a different wonderful purpose. The world is made up of billions of people yet every single one of us have a different fingerprint, nothing about that is a mistake. You have a purpose so do I, there is a special type of beauty in that very thing.


If no one has told you today are beautiful."


- Lia


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